Monday, December 5, 2011

Exporting Cricut Craft Room to Gypsy

Today I spent an hour trying to find information about how to connect the Cricut Craft Room to my Gypsy.  I didn't have a lot of luck finding the information in one place, so I needed to use a combination of websites, you tube videos, and forums to figure it out.  I left some starred information which can be found at the bottom of the post.

In order to get your Cricut Craft Room (CCR) projects to your Gypsy you would need to do the following (I use a MAC don't know if PC is different):

First things first, find the USB plug for the Gypsy.  If you do not have the one that came with this, it is a micros USB which is the same as some cameras, phones, or in my case, PS3 controllers.

Then on the computer you need the following software:
Cricut Sync
Cricut Craft Room (the non-web version)

To send a file from the MAC to the Gypsy:
You would then export your file from the  CCR.  To do this go to
Open > Click on the Project Name > Export > Choose Gypsy > then Begin * > It will download the file and ask you to save, choose Save > Browse to where to save the project > Name the project**> click Save
Then plug in your Gypsy and open Cricut Sync, and choose whether to update now or not. >
When Digital Content Rights have been updated comes up choose Ok.  This then opens to Gypsy Projects.  Choose Add Projects > Browse and Select the projects to add*** > Once this is done you will see the file name on the list of Gypsy projects and can disconnect your project if you are done designing.

To send a file from the Gypsy to the MAC
This is much easier.  It starts off the same:
You would just plug in the Gypsy, open Cricut Sync, and choose whether or not to update now.> When Digital Content Rights have been updated comes up choose Ok.  This then opens to Gypsy Projects. > Then click on the project name (or names by using shift or control click) and drag them to the folder you wish to add them to on your computer.
That's it.  If you want to then add the project to Cricut Craft Room you would also:
Open the CCR Software > Chose Import > Browse to the project name > Chose Ok
That's it for this as well.  Much easier to go from the Gypsy to the MAC.

*If you get an error that some features may not be supported yet, choose Ok.  This is due to the Gypsy not yet being able to use the imagine feature to print.
**Whatever is before the .gypsy is what will show on the Gypsy list
***If the project is already there it will give an error trying to add the project.  If you updated a previous cut and are re-saving it now, you would need to delete it off the Gypsy or choose Remove Project first.


  1. This was so helpful. Thank you for doing this! One thing I've noticed: you can't have your Cricut machine and the Gypsy both attached to your computer. It causes a critical error and shuts down the Cricut Craft Room.

  2. I am glad you found this useful! This issue makes sense actually since the Cricut software on the PC makes you choose the device at start up. Another possible cause is that it tries to do the updates so this could be sending the error since it doesn't know which update to do.