Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Princess Invitations

I just got the Cricut Once Upon A Princess cartridge.  It couldn't come at a better time since my niece decided she wants a princess party for her fifth birthday.  So, I got to designing a card for her.  I used the gypsy to make this card.  Using the Princess Party Invitation found on the cartridge, I choose one and set it to a height of 5 inches.  I made sure the Princess Party lined up with a line on the page.  Then I choose a second one and again set it to 5 inches, but this one I rotated 180 degrees, so it was opposite the first.  I lined both up so the side edges were on top of each other and the top edge lined up with the same line as the Princess Party.  This spaced the Princess Party and the crowns about 1 inch apart.  I then went in and removed everything but the crowns on the second one, so the only thing left was the crown inside the first card design.  I took the card to my printer and printed the party information onto the card. (I will see if I can get this uploaded as a template)  Lastly, I folded the card in half so the crowns all lined up and tied a ribbon in a bow to close it up.  I had to do this since I have a 6X12 inch Cricut causing me to be unable to print the envelopes.

***Pictures and a possible template coming soon***