Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paper Beads

I found an instructable on paper beads and tried it on my own.  I have to say, I just can't stop now there so cute, so I decided to post them for all to see.  If you like the beads but don't have the time to do this on your own, the person who made the instructable said he sells them for women in Uganda.
Instructable Link:

Paper Beads Made from a Christmas Gift Magazine


  1. I like how your beads are different shapes. I've had a paper bead making kit for years and never used it! Gonna get it out and try it.

  2. I definitely suggest trying it out! At first, it seems tedious but once you get a rhythm going it is easy and fun to do. The projects to be done with the paper beads are endless. They give great shape and dimension to projects. As for the different shapes, it's all in how you cut the magazine page before rolling. For a long flat shape like the blue one I cut the paper one width and for the others I played with different widths at the top and bottom and then rolling one way or the other.