Friday, April 15, 2011

Relay for Life Keychains

My mom is walking in the Relay for Life so this is the key chain we made to help raise money. We are going to try to get $1.50 each. (Includes shipping / handing)This is for a great cause. If you want to donate here is the link for her team, Team Dominettes (Donna or Angela)
Email me with your name and address to . Once the donation is processed I will mail it via USPS ASAP.

Finished Key chain
All of them Together

Starting Off on the Printer

The Design Made in Paint - This is the Relay for life sign made to look like a Domino.

Cutting to Size

Punching the Hole - Don't be fooled these get stronger once they are done!

Almost done! In the oven.

Flattening to Shape

Finished Products and Goofs we Learned from

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