Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pig with Cricut

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite animals are pigs. I collect pigs, draw pigs, and today I made a pig with my Cricut and Gypsy. This project was made with the George and Basic Shapes cartridge on the Gypsy. Posted are pictures of the pieces I cut both before and after gluing them together.

To make this Pig with the Gypsy * This entire project was made using the Geroge and Basic Shapes cartridge.
  1. The pigs body
    • The pigs body is made using an oval rotated sideways.
    • Connected to the Oval are 4 U's merged together for the feet.
    • The pigs ears are 2 C's rotated and merged together.
    • The tail is a series of C's rotated and merged according to how curly you want the tail to be.
  2. The outline
    • The pieces were copied to a second layer and cut out to make the outlines.
    • The black nose is just a circle with two lower case L's cut for the inside.
  3. White layer
    • The white layer consist solely of two circles for the eyes.
  4. The mouth
    • The mouth is the inside of an upper case D.
  5. Putting together
    • The pieces were then glued together in order to make the pig as shown.

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