Monday, April 4, 2016

Back in Action

After a long break from keeping up the blog, and issues with my hosting company I have decided to bring back the blogspot version.  I now have three beautiful sons (yes three!  I have 8 month old twin boys who are opposite as you can get.) to scrapbook.  I am also preparing for a scrapbook party event that I will be hosting.  Recently I have been introduced to Kiwi Lane.  I've seen it before but never got to play with it.  While working with crafting machines is great for making paper piercings, I never really got into using it for borders and such.  Mostly because the machines that fit 12X12 papers were either too expensive or too big to travel / move around with and never got used.  I expect that Kiwi Lane will help to make my borders more interesting.  My goal for the scrapbook party is to make about 45 kits (for 30 people) with borders and embellishments pre-cut with my scrapbook stash.  These will be packaged in 2 Gallon bags (Dollar Tree has them 5 for $1) and stickers will be set out for titles.The cutting inspiration will be from Kiwi Lane layouts off Pinterest and Scrapbook Steals Mid Week Mojo layouts.

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